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Corporation & Government

  Read on if you want to shrink your healthcare cost.

International Council for Corporate Health

The Longevity Lifestyle Works for Everyone!
If you are looking to improve the health of your employees or if you’re looking to turn your own health around, you’ve come to the right place! We are among the pioneers of prevention and health promotion. We know the secrets to living a long and happy life. Let us show your employees how to achieve balance and health in body, mind and spirit. Let us help you begin to cut healthcare costs using the simplest methods that have been working for decades to create sustainable good health for your employees and their families.

It’s all about Prevention and Disease Reversal

The first step toward containing healthcare costs is to avoid getting sick. We can help keep your employees well! The second step is to teach your employees the secrets that can halt and reverse 70-80% of Western Diseases that most Americans suffer from today. That’s right!  You don’t have to live with Type 2 diabetes forever!

Unlike many other companies out there claiming to help your employees get well and stay well, you won’t find another group like us. Why? Because we practice Our Health Message™, the longevity lifestyle that has been researched and published in peer reviewed journals that everyone is talking about!  If we’re teaching the principles to your employees, we’re living it as well so we can show you how to achieve great results in a matter of weeks!

Contact us today at to find out how we can help your company reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and overall health care costs!

LifestyleMatters at Work          Lifestyle Matters
LifestyleMatters at Work is a powerful corporate health intervention program designed to:
  • Lower your healthcare costs
  • Grow your bottom line
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Create a corporate environment of wellness
LifestyleMattersatWork's goal is to create a culture of wellness in the corporate setting that not only substantially reduces your healthcare costs and increases your bottom line but also:
  • Attracts and retains quality employees
  • Improves the mental and physical health of workers
  • Lowers stress and stress-related accidents in the workplace
  • Improves employee morale
  • Utilizes strategies that promote long-term success in maintaining health outcomes