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OliveOil2A Treasure House
By Dr. Winston Craig

llen G White, one of the founders of the Adventist church in America in the nineteenth century, outlined in her writings a very comprehensive picture of health. Written over 100 years ago, the health principles that she advocated, though unpopular at the time, have been validated by scientific research. Some of the guidelines for disease prevention and health promotion that Ellen White wrote about included the following;

  • Our bodies were designed for action, hence regular exercise is important to maintain good health (Education p.207).
  • When grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables (including beans, peas, and lentils) are simply prepared, they provide the basis for the most healthful diet (Ministry of Healing p.296-9)
  • Meat is not part of a healthy diet since cancer and other fatal diseases can be caused by meat-eating (Ministry of Healing p.313)
  • White flour lacks the nutritional value that is found in whole wheat bread and its use can cause health problems (Ministry of Healing p.390)
  • Alcohol should be avoided since it damages both the mind and body (Education p.202)
  • It is important to learn the value of the simple remedial agencies of nature in order to preserve and restore one’s health (Ministry of Healing p.127)
  • Overeating hinders the work of the body and causes great injury to the whole system (Councils an Diet and Foods p.13)
  • Coffee is a habit-forming substance and its use may lead a person to use stronger stimulants (Ministry of Healing p.327)
  • Large amounts of sugary foods such as rich desserts (cakes, puddings, pastries, custards, jellies) candies and ice-cream are not the best for our health (Councils on Diet and foods p.331-3)
  • Gratitude, rejoicing, benevolence, and trust in God are the greatest safeguards of health (Ministry of Healing p.281)
  • Many of the diseases from which people suffer today result from mental depression (Ministry of Healing p.241)
  • Regularity in meals, and without snacks, is important to maintain good health (Ministry of Healing p.303)
  • There are simple herbs that grow in the fields, when used intelligently, are conducive to health and their use can be beneficial to alleviate suffering (Selected Messages, Book 2 p.293-303)
  • Olive oil is a better fat to use than butter (Ministry of Healing p.298)
  • As disease in animals increases, the use of animal products (including milk and eggs) will become more and more unsafe (Ministry of Healing, p. 320)
  • Mustard, pepper and other spices, and similar things are injurious to our health Councils on diet and Foods p. 339)
  • It is unwise to use too much salt (Ministry of Healing, p. 305)
  • Tobacco is a slow, insidious, but most malignant poison (Ministry of Healing, p.327)
  • Health reform has a real negative influence when it is carried to extremes (Councils on diet and food p. 202)
  • Coming in contact with the things of nature – the woods, the flowers, the song of the birds, the streams and mountains – can provide real therapy to the stressed-out person who has become ill through  overwork (Ministry of Healing, p. 236-7
  • Pure air, sunlight, temperature, rest, exercise proper diet, the use of water, and trust in God are valuable remedial agencies to restore and maintain health (Ministry of Healing, p.127).


Winston Craig, PhD 
Andrews University

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