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Power Tips: Strengthen Your Faith and Trust

the hand th leadsConsider these suggestions for improving your faith and trust in God.

  • Get connected with a church family
  • Spend time outdoors. Ask God to speak to you and teach you lessons from nature.
  • Read the Bible with a prayerful spirit.
  • Make a pros/cons list about trusting a person.
  • Look up---because above all the challenges of life, there is a God whom you can trust.
  • Enjoy the benefits of following God’s will.
  • Have a vision and purpose in life.
  • Take a Sabbath rest and enjoy connecting with God and serving others.
  • Use the Bible as a guidebook for life.
  • Receive God’s love, love God, and love one another.
  • Sing praises to God. This will help your attitude to be positive.
  • Meditate on the amazing qualities of God.
  • Challenge your brain by memorizing scripture passages.
  • Give and receive forgiveness.
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