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A Physically Healthy Lifestyle Reduces Stress
By Neil Nedley, M.D.

A physically healthy lifestyle is of great value in dealing with stress. The more effi­ciently your body functions, the better you will be able to have the coping resources that you need.  A healthy body helps give you the upper hand in coping with life's stresses. Even if exposed to stressors that you have not yet removed or adapted to, better physi­cal health will help to shield you from the health-robbing effects of these stressors.

               Practices that will improve and main­tain physical health are listed in Figure 2.

Practices that optimize Physical Health

               One critical element of a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition. In the book Proof Posi­tive, I go to great lengths to describe opti­mal diet and nutrition strategies. In a nut­shell, this involved nine key areas. These are illustrated in Figure 3.

                If some of these points seem hard to accept, please note the thousands of medi­cal references in my book Proof Positive that support these points. If you are not following a healthy lifestyle and are not will­ing to try it, you owe it to yourself to see the positive proof of the merits of the above dietary recommendations. The overwhelm­ing evidence is there.

                Research demonstrates that such a nu­tritional program boosts energy levels and improves mental clarity. Improved mental function and physical stamina are key in­gredients in enhancing your ability to deal with life's stressors. A bonus provided by this program is that it also helps prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, diabe­tes, high blood pressure, and cancer.


DepressionFrom the book
Depression, the Way Out,
Nedley  Publishing, Ardmore, OK, 2001


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