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Adequate Rest and Sleep Promotes Mental Health
By Dr. Neil Nedley

Anxiety can short circuit one of the most important stress-relieving lifestyle choices—adequate rest. We all need ad­equate rest if we want to have good mental health. Four dimensions of rest are pre­sented in Proof Positive.  Two of those are applicable here. First, sleep is a needful restoring process for maintaining our de­fense against stress and anxiety. Second, stress and anxiety can prevent us from get­ting our required sleep. They are key causes of insomnia.

            Dr. James Perl in his book, Sleep Right in Five Nights, observes that anger—one of the most common human responses to stressors—is a cause of insomnia for many people. These two points lay the founda­tion for a vicious cycle, as described in Fig­ure 13.

Vicious Cycle with Stress and Sleep

DepressionFrom the book
Depression, the Way Out,
Nedley  Publishing, Ardmore, OK, 2001

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