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Gwen Foster, MPH

 Gwen Foster was the former health czar for Philadelphia. She received her masters in Public Health from Loma Linda University.
 She coordinated the first health-conditioning camp at the conference headquarters in Pine Forge, Pennsylvania. Each year the program, designed to recondition and give people a new start, attracted attendees from all over the United States, Bermuda, Canada, and the Caribbean. It flourished and at its peak boasted 130 attendees in one summer, most of whom were not Adventist. For two weeks every summer, campers lived in cabins, attended lectures on the eight principles of health, exercised, enjoyed three gourmet vegetarian meals daily, and learned money and time management skills. As a result, they lost weight, gained knowledge and strength, and lowered blood pressures and insulin requirements. Foster ran the program every year until 2000, when she accepted the call to serve in Philadelphia. Though she's moved on to a new level of her health ministry, she still visits the health-conditioning camp to inspire attendees to share what they learn with others.

        Ms. Foster's creativity and enthusiasm for helping people improve their health are truly inspiring, and there's evidence the messages are resonating with her target audience. The latest research indicates that after four years Philadelphia is no longer number 1 on America's list of fattest cities; it has dropped to number 7.

       "In every era of the church, God has provided a plan for His people, and He gave us the authentic plan for health reform. It is the major tool in our toolkit for finishing the work, and people would beat a path to our church if they knew we had the answers to health."

      After many years of preaching this gospel of health, Foster has captured the attention of celebrities, other cities and countries, and the religious community at large. Celebrities such as singer Patti LaBelle want to partner with her on health initiatives. She's been invited all over the United States, as well as Germany, China, and Japan, to replicate Philadelphia's initiative. Trinity Broadcasting Network has asked her to be part of a special program with Faith for Today that airs this month.

     She produced a series of health programs for Three Angels Broadcasting Network and resuming her weekly television program in Philadelphia.  The largest and most influential association of clergy in Philadelphia called on her to lead them in a 40-day journey to health that also begins this month.


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