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Juliet A. Santos, MSN, CCRN, FNP-BC

Juliet A. Santos is the co-founder and president of the International Council for Corporate
Health (ICCH), a non-profit, tax exempt organization focused on longevity lifestyle and disease
prevention education based in Franklin, TN. She is a board certified nurse practitioner in family
practice with a part time practice in Nashville.
Ms.Santos brings to ICCH over 25 years of experience in healthcare delivery, business
management, operations and healthcare consulting. She is the former founder and CEO of Early
Solutions Clinic, LLC, a chain of retail based clinics in Michigan that were part of the national
movement in healthcare service delivery innovation. In 2000, she founded and became CEO of
JA Santos Consultants, LLC, a profitable, healthcare business management-consulting firm.
With a proven track record in starting both non-profit and for profit organizations, Ms.Santos has
expertise in business and marketing strategies, operations, branding, project plan execution
and management, communications, staff development, mentorship, and building corporate
strategic alliances. She has played key roles in capital acquisition for non-profit and for-profit
start-up businesses. She is experienced in managing rapidly evolving healthcare trends (retail
and corporate health) and growth of revenues while supporting infrastructure and operations.

Ms. Santos is the co-founder and founding president of the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners
(MICNP), former executive board member and treasurer for the American College of Nurse
Practitioners (ACNP), a founding executive board member of the Michigan Primary Care
Consortium, and founding board member of the Convenient Care Association (CCA). She is the
former Chair of CCA’s Health Policy Committee.
She has served as advisory consultant and national speaker for numerous Fortune 500
companies in the areas of chronic disease management, health promotion, prevention, disease
reversal, and retail health. She is founder and president of the International Council for
Corporate Health, a volunteer based non-profit providing corporate leadership, education and
expertise in disease prevention and reversal.
Ms.Santos was appointed to Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm’s Transition Advisory Board
because of her work and leadership in healthcare and health care policy. She is also a board
certified nurse practitioner in family medicine with sub-specialties in retail and corporate
health, urgent care, internal medicine, emergency medicine, and preventive medicine. She is
licensed in the states of Tennessee and Michigan. 
She is a graduate of Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan where she earned a Master of
Science in nursing.