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Stress Combined with Depression
By Dr. Neil Nedley

            Stress coexists with depression so frequently that this combination is the rule rather than the exception. Often the same medications are used to treat each one alone.  Many of the remainder of depressed patients feel stressed-out, unable to cope effectively with the stress in their lives. If stress is a significant component that appears related to their depression, I encourage them to also adopt the stress control program outlined in Chapter 8.

            Lifestyle changes need to take place if the person is to break free from depression and the complications of medications that come with it. Amanda's experience of being able to live happily without the use of anti-depressant medications is not unique. Countless others have found the way to lasting happiness and meaning by changing their lifestyle for the better. Three steps that will lead to a happier and healthier life are listed in Fig. 17. Although some of the changes may seem hard at first, the end result will be a life that is much more pleasant, meaningful, and uncomplicated.